Understanding  your Company asset utilization patterns  has become an integral part of operating costs efficiency. Whether you need to track down your fleet, electronic devices, test tools, or valuable equipment, SkyCall provides a state of the art AVL/GPS tracking system that allows you to be in control at all times no matter how far they are.  The software can reside in your desktop, cell phone, or tablet device for easy access and traceability.



  • Data base with vehicle/driver profile.

  • Creation of Geo-Fences (areas of operation), reference/Geo Points and reports (“Geo-Fence Coverage Reports”).

  • Real time location of vehicles.

  • Creation of customized reports.
  • Maintenance module.

  • Configuration of automatic alarms/alerts in the computer and the cell phone (over speed, Geo-Fence trespassing, license renewal, etc.)
  • Routing Module – Ability to create, modify, optimize and assign or schedule routes; transfer routes to mobile units; automatic update of route status.

  • Panic button for emergencies.
  • Real time information update as often as every 2 seconds.
  • Sensors – temperature, doors, etc.
  • Remote Vehicle Shut down.
  • Historical information for future reference.
  • Vehicle Use Statistics: No operation time; Operation time (includes Movement time and Idle time.
  • Driver License Renewal Alert in the Drivers module.
  • Zone Coverage Reports.
  • Driver Identification – I Button and capacity to generate reports with the I Button information.
  • Integration with Garmin.

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